Thursday, May 24, 2012

Honey Badgers

I painted some honey badgers. I think that they are the best! 
It's hard to photograph / scan paintings, the colours didn't quite come out right.
 I tried adjusting them in photoshop, but it was still tricky. They are actually all the same colour, but you'll notice that it looks like they get progressively lighter / more blue as you scroll down. 

I imagine that honey badgers would REALLY enjoy hugs. 
But they would most likely be very greedy and selfish about it.
GO AWAY! Go get your OWN hugs!


  1. Great shapes! :D Cindey, I'm curious to know what your process was, cause I noticed the drawings on tracing paper. Did you do like a carbon copy kind of thing?

  2. Ha ha ha hee hee *snort*!
    These are awesome!

  3. thanks, everyone! :)

    Ricardo- I was reworking the initial roughs onto tracing paper (since I didn't have a light table haha) and actually, yes- then I did some homemade carbon copy business onto the watercolour paper.